Listen to my auto-tuned acoustic version of Madonna’s “Best Friend”

In honor of da Queen’s 30th anniversary as a music industry titan, I covered the last track on her most recent album. It’s really one of my favorites from MDNA and has Madonna at her most musical.

Enjoy my auto-tuned acoustic version…

My Review of “MDNA”

Now, I’m not gonna give it any stars cuz I feel that’s too limiting and it just makes things confusing. You can’t appreciate art like that. You can criticize it but to give it a rating when there’s really not much wrong with it, it’s just unnecessary. So I’ll go track by track.

1. Girl Gone Wild - plays so far – 338

This is my favorite radio song from the album. I like it better than GMAYL. The video is even better. Did you hear a demo of it from some other nobody girl? Her name is Rosette, look it up on YouTube. The song sounds at home with Madonna. It’s truly a shame this song didn’t even make it into the Hot 100. It’s unimaginable since GMAYL went to #10. Whatever, it’s not gonna hurt Madonna’s career one bit really. I think this song is another great dance track from her where you can really hear her voice as sort of bigendered. She has a real depth to it but still sounds womanly. Not many pop girls can do that without sounding like a man.

2. Gang Bang plays so far – 76

Holy mother of god, this song is Madonna doing what she’s known best for. Going too far. This track is intense as hell and is stunningly relatable, somehow. Despite it’s murderous intentions it makes me feel like I wanna kill someone too. Only a true artist could make you feel something you hadn’t felt before. I was hoping for more experimentation with the guitar but I’m happy with the dub-step bridge. The last chorus is my ringtone. Gang Bang also continues to define Madonna as a step ahead of everyone. Further separating her from the artistically void Pop Princesses. The only ones that would come close to this type of honest approach to something so haunting would be Rihanna or GaGa and even then, it would have to be from 2009 since that was both of their darkest times. (The Fame Monster and Rated R)

3. I’m Addicted plays so far – 66

Along with Gang Bang, IA is one of the most memorable tracks from the album. GB and IA are like two sides of the same coin called “Life”. GB being the unapologetic killer and IA as the lover one that clings to the euphoria of romance. This song is Confessions on a Dance Floor on crack. The chorus is absolute insanity. I love the lyric “when did you name change from language to magic?”. It’s Madonna the romantic. And of course the silly “M-D-N-A M-D-M-A” at the end is cute and just adds to the song’s epicness. This is THE song for the clubs. And it seems MDNA has a song for every genre Madonna’s touched. I’ll get to that with the later tracks. If you haven’t really gotten into this song yet, blast it in your living room or just go for a run with it. It’ll blow your mind.

4. Turn Up The Radio plays so far – 62

Now of course this is the next single and it should be. Summertime is the days that radio is most popular and this is the perfect song for it. It’s sunnily optimistic and like other songs on MDNA it contains references to her older work. It’s a modern day Holiday and Everybody. I wonder what she’ll do for a video. Considering since she’s already done the blank screen with Madonna and her dancers routine (a la Everybody and Lucky Star videos) I’m interested to see what she’ll be willing to do for this song.

5. Give Me All Your Luvin’ (feat. Nicki Minaj, M.I.A.) - plays so far – 219 (excluding demo)

Gay MAYL is still alive and kicking for me. I get the most pop chills from this song. I still think this was a great first single despite it not completely “slaying your faves” on the charts. It’s the best joy song from the album and I still never skip it.

6. Some Girls - plays so far – 61

This attitude track has Madonna confidently showing up any girl who has ever crossed her territory. It has to have the filthiest beat in the history of ever. It’s surprisingly melodic for having a monotone verse. There was actually a snippet leak of M rehearsing this for the tour. It sounds fucking divine. ( I also didn’t even notice the reference line “put your lovin to the test you’ll see” until just now haha. There are still many things about this album I’m sure are waiting to unveils themselves to me. That’s how a Madonna album is, of course. It can evolve without even really changing at all.

7. Superstar - plays so far – 37

If they don’t choose TUTR for the next single I’m sure this will be it. I think we should introduce a new Madonna that has been slowly evolving since 1986 (True Blue, Ray of Light, Beautiful Stranger, Amazing) and has finally had her time to fully show herself to us. That would be none other than Sundonna. And considering she’s a Leo you would’v thought she would’ve been out a long time ago. And for those stupid fucks who think that this beautifully sunny Madonna we’re getting from most of MDNA is retarded, look in the mirror. You’re criticizing the Queen of POP mind you.

8. I Don’t Give A (feat. Nicki Minaj) - plays so far – 47

WHy this song hasn’t been sent to urban radios yet is giving me a headache. Madonna’s really trying to make it as a rapper this time around and she succeeds. It’s an empowering song that it’s a huge fuck you to everyone who criticize her about, well anything. Gotta love the lyrics “you were so mad at me, who’s got custody? lawyers suck it up, didn’t have a pre-nup”. Damn girl you really know how to hit home. And we can’t ignore the glaring GaGa diss. In Nicki’s verse she says “hey Madonna, you the original Don Dada” which SOUNDS like GaGa, but it isn’t. But still. And THEN it just gets better. As a send off to the fake Princesses of Pop, Nicki, in her best cutesty Roman voice, squeals “there’s only Queen, and that’s Madonna, BITCH!!!”. And an array of voices come in and invoke an image of Madonna sitting on her throne just staring you blankly in the eye saying “yeah bitch”. A true highlight from the album, gave me chills.

9. I’m A Sinner - plays so far – 55

Sonically and lyrically, this song is so yummy. It’s a distorted version of Beautiful Stranger. It sounds like sunlight, ironically.

10. Love Spent - plays so far – 148

Omg. I love this song so much. A dance ballad? How the fuck do you do that? Well M did it. The banjo in the beginning reminds me of X-Static Process. Which automatically invokes tears. I love the latin edge this song has, makes it apparent a La Isla Bonita mash-up may appear on the tour. “Frankly if my name was Benjamin, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in”. Crying. I NEVER thought to compare money as love. “Spend your love on me”. Wow. “I want you to take me like you took your money, take me in your arms until your last breath.” Obviously a softer and more painful version of that one line from IDGA. If you didn’t already know, Madonna divorced Guy Ritchie and he took millions of dollars in exchange for sole custody of his kids. So yeah, this is a painful song to hear her sing but gives me so many chills. The two sides to this song is also VERY interesting. The dancey side A fits in perfectly with the first part of the album and it seems that LS is meant to progress the listener into the softer, more introspective part of the album. Side B being the slower and more tragic part. I don’t think this will be a single but if it is, it might change things as far as the radio goes. This song has such a different feel to it yet it’s too epic to just leave on the album. We’ll see.

11. Masterpiece - plays so far – 115

When this first leaked, I loved it, and I still do. It’s still an incredible ballad and the chords actually has a really nice arrangement. And to think she never even wanted to write a song for her movie, that it just happened. Awesomeness. One of the tracks that provides those assholes who think Madonna should be ‘mature’ with a little something. I can just imagine her in an art gallery, clinging to a painting of some sort. This could do well on the radio too, especially adult radio. As unfortunate as that sounds haha.

12. Falling Free - plays so far – 80

When I first heard the snippet to this, I had to hold back tears. I was just about to go into work and had to pull myself together. It’s just so raw and honest. You can hear every inflection in her voice as it tugs on your heart. It sounds like she’s in some magical forest in the dead of night under a black waterfall confessing her love to someone. This article I read the other day also has a very interesting point of view on the song. ( “The girl who once invited us all to open our hearts is now a woman for whom even the slightest self-exposure might prove disastrous. But she gives in. “I’m falling free,” Madonna murmurs. It’s a beautiful moment, full of comfort. But is this the sleep of death? Tie yourself to a tree, girl heroine. Be careful to not let yourself drift.” I love the last line. “I let loose the need to know then we’re both free, free to go.”

13. Beautiful Killer - plays so far – 49

The catchy BK has remnants of Die Another Day with a bird-like guitar hook that literally hooks you in. The chorus is sort of cool, it’s sort of got a laid-back disco melody. It’s very sexy and ridiculously catchy.

14. I Fucked Up - plays so far – 183

The ending in a batch of acoustic love ballads. I Fucked Up brings to rest the unsettling and aching songs from Music and American Life. (Nobody’s Perfect, I Deserve It, Intervention and X-Static Process) And it could even fit in with either album. More so Music though. The bridge is possibly the best part of the bonus tracks. It captures Madonna in a moment that she repeatedly never puts herself in. A could’ve, should’ve would’ve situation. It’s a rapid vision of melancholy that makes anyone want to relive their old lovers. And then to make it even worse, she ends it with “we could’ve lived like crazy till the day we died, instead I made you cry”. Oh man. THEN she sings “I’m sorry, je suis desole” as a references to Sorry from Confessions. That should put you into a crying fit considering how bitter and tough that song is and to hear her sing that she’s the one who’s sorry, wow. It’s a shame this song was removed from the clean version.

15. B-Day Song (feat. M.I.A.) - plays so far – 35

And here returns Sundonna, except she’s got a slip of retardation. I love this song because it’s just SO silly and dumb. Only Madonna could get the Third World Awareness rapper M.I.A. to say “it’s my birthday everyday!!!”. And what a better troll song for the ageist than a song that sounds completely retarded about celebrating your birthday. I’m sure it’s a bit of a dig at Rihanna  as well. It’s got a cool 60s vibe as well which is refreshing. So just lose control a bit and get lost in this mess of a song, okay?

16. Best Friend plays so far – 101

A bittersweet ending to MDNA, Best Friend brings us back a little bit to Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You and Nobody Knows Me. It’s introspective like I Fucked Up but a bit more bitter. “Still I have no regrets cuz I survived the biggest test, I cannot lie and I won’t pretend but I feel like I lost my very best friend.” The bridge is the most emotional part and I think putting this as the last song humanizes Madonna to the public some more. That she can gain and lose and still make it through.