Gender Neutral School in Sweden Creates a Replacement Pronoun!

I apologize for the unannounced hiatus but I’m back. Wasn’t totally in the type of mindset to write but I’m back and getting better than ever. Plus having MDNA play non-stop helps.

Anyways, I just saw this article on the Yahoo! Front Page. No more ‘girls and boys’/Controversy over Schools’ bold move. It talks about a school in Sweden (the most amazing country on Earth) that decided to refer to their students as the gender-neutral pronoun “hen”. They also sometimes use “buddies”. Now, I’m not gonna fucking call my child “hen”. Imagine, “My little Daniel is so good at playing the piano, hen is going to  play at Carnegie Hall!”. WHAT? No. That sounds stupid. But I appreciate the gesture. I think if we’re really gonna do this gender-neutral thing we need to come up with something that sounds better.

Honestly, if my kid is born with a dick, I will call HIM a BOY. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna make him do all these boy things JUST because he’s a boy but I think it’s just silly to make up an inter-gender pronoun. You can be called a boy without having to be the stereotypical boy. If anyone can prove that, it’s me. I can be such a girl sometimes but I go through life like a guy. I have amazing legs and flowy long hair but I’ve got a dick between my legs. Problem? No, not really. There’s no need to force ourselves to stop using the he/she pronoun. Unless someone comes up with a really clever and natural pronoun, they can forget about me using it.

I reiterate though, I appreciate the gesture.

I would like to call out one part of this article though. The very last paragraph.

Dr. Lustig adds that the challenges of gender neutral sports is dependent on the age group. Early on, when kids are perhaps six years old through 12 years old, children may be more comfortable around kids of the same gender. But issues become more obvious for teens playing contact sports. “Contact with the opposite gender could be fraught with complicated emotions,” he says.

That’s interesting, because when I was in the locker room at school (for gym class) and I had to see guys half naked and then go play some sport I didn’t want to play, that didn’t fuck with MY emotions whatsoever. Accidental bumps into each other and rather tight underwear didn’t adhere to my performance in gym class whatsoever. I was a completely functional and non-sexual human being. Please. This Dr. Lustig deusche needs to be reminded he’s living in the 21st Century. It’s okay to be gay! There are people who are attracted to the same sex only! What a surprise! Everyone is ‘fraught with complicated emotions’ at a young age when they’re around someone who they’re attracted to no matter what their gender is. So just shut up PHDeusche. Kthxbye.

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